Everybody of us has our own place, where we were born and are living. Our own place, where we are happy. So in this way I created this website to show our country, some new sights, and show that this is a very nice country.

This site I created in summer of 2004. This job wasn´t so hard, the most hardest things were: to get together all information and to make their graphic look.

The web - site consist of 5 sections. Every section has own submenu, own information, collected to be more understandable, readable and I tried to get in some interesting thoughts. If I failed and you have some new thoughts (or you found some mistakes (it suppose so :-) please send me a message to my @mail: Hypertext links are in the red color. And the last thing: Some text are not translated - I´m sorry about that - I haven´t got time for it.

Special thanks for a help to: Bozena Jurisova, Palo Mihalcin, Rudo Bosak and Martin Bosak, Andrej Mital, Beno Bakalar, Martin Bandžák, Vincent Daňko and many others.

Thank you for a visit of this site.


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